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opening steel safe with electronic lock, closeup

Secure Your Belongings with Safes for Sale in Courtenay

What We Do

Securing your possessions is important. Whether it’s valuable items, heirlooms, or important documents, storing them in a safe can provide you with much more peace of mind. At Courtenay & Mid Island Locksmith in Courtenay, we offer a wide selection of high-quality safes for sale, tailored to protect against fire, theft, and environmental damage.


Whether it’s for commercial use or just in your own home, we can provide everything from basic security safes to sophisticated vaults, ensuring that you have the solution you need. We can guide you through the selection process, answering questions about features and specifications, so that you can find the best match. We focus on reliability and durability, ensuring your valuables remain safeguarded no matter what.

open safe with keys on the door on a light background

Why Choose Us

What distinguishes us? Easy – our unwavering commitment to personalized security solutions. We take a unique approach that involves more than just selling safes. We work with you on a personal basis, understanding your specific security requirements, preferences, and the items you need to protect. That allows us to help you choose a safe that meets your security needs and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle or business operations.


We offer a selection of safes curated from top-tier manufacturers who are known for their durable construction and innovative security features. We stand by the quality of the safes we offer. Moreover, we provide more than just a product – we provide comprehensive security solutions that come complete with installation services and after-sales support.


To request a quote, please give us a call today.

Code lock on the safe door.

Types of Safes We Sell

  • Home safes

  • Office safes

  • Hotel safes

  • Wall safes

  • Floor safes

  • Fireproof safes

  • Key cabinet safes

  • Burglary safes

  • Deposit or drop safes

  • Jewelry safes

  • Gun safes

  • Data and media safes

  • Portable safes

  • Diversion safes

  • High-security safes

  • Biometric safes

What Our Customers Are Saying

Knowledgeable Staff

I asked for help with my motorcycle steering column. Their advice was straightforward and accurate. I really appreciate and respect their knowledgeable staff.


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